Friday, July 28th

8:00 am - 9:30 am:

Course 700: GENERAL SESSION -- Passion, Catch it – Share it -- Kirk Mittelman
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Do you remember the passion that you began your career with? Most of us entered Public Safety with our eyes gleaming and expecting Johnny and Roy to meet us in class and then to mentor us along our career path. We were sure we would save the world, never letting a patient die or take a turn for the worse. Each time we would go on a call early in our career we felt like we were wearing a cape. It didn’t take long before reality set in and we saw that EMS is not what is portrayed on TV. It is far from glamorous and not built to make you a hero. In spite of this you have stuck with it making Emergency Services your career. Each call we go on takes a toll on our psyche and affects the way we work, teach and mentor our future and current EMS Professionals.

We are building the future of our profession through our actions and attitudes. We have an immense impact on the affective domain of our students, co-workers and employees. Isn’t it time we once again shared our passion and love for EMS and Public Safety with them? We all recognize that being a Public Safety Professional is dangerous, stressful and at times trying even in the best of times. Your original passion for EMS and Public Safety isn’t gone, it’s just hidden. Isn’t it time to get it back and become rejuvenated? Through PASSION and ENERGY Kirk will help you realize your potential and why you got into this profession in the beginning. Join Kirk for an entertaining and interactive session to improve your classrooms, work places and life.

10:15 am - 11:30 am:

Course 701: Pump Up the Volume: Ventricular Assist Devices in EMS -- Janet Taylor
Taneycomo A

Ventricular Assist Devices are becoming more common with the increase in Heart Failure patients and not as many available heart transplants as are demanded. Ventricular Assist Devices (VADs) are giving heart failure patients a few options. We discuss Bridge to Transplant, Bridge to Destination, etc. as well as how to manage a patient with a VAD. Brands of VADs, which ones you are most likely to be working with, what the alarms and buttons on the controllers mean, how your assessment changes, etc.

Course 702: Requirements for registration, Security & Record Keeping -- Michael Boeger
Short Creek 1 & 2

The Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD) is a state level authority that monitors the handling of narcotics and other controlled substances within Missouri’s state lines. Michael will address what needs to be done to ensure an EMS agency will pass inspection and that the handling, storing and dispensing of controlled substances are done within the guidelines of BNDD and that paperwork is always in order. Registering your agency with BNDD, record keeping, inventories, patient charts, Background checks on employees, and self-inspections and supervision will all be addressed with discussion and questions encouraged. Michael will end the session with pointing out the most common violations cited on EMS agency inspections.

Course 703: Community Paramedic Roundtable -- Dr Charles Shepard
Short Creek 3 & 4

Community Paramedic Program (CPP) is still in its infancy but it has been proven to make a huge impact on saving money, preventing unnecessary transports, and protecting EMS resources as seen in states such as Texas where hundreds of thousands of dollars was saved in the first few years of implementing the program. This session will begin with an intro in the form of answering some frequently asked questions and the remainder of the session will answering questions from YOU! FAQ that will be answered up front are: how funding is provided and where it will come from in the future, how to create good relations with home health/hospice and hospitals, the type of training, and the biggest problems in getting started with such a program in your service area as well as some success stories! Bring your questions and leave with some answers.

11:40 am - 12:55 pm:

Course 704 -- VIPER 2018 – Old & New in Venomous Snake Bites -- Dr. Stephen Thornton, MD
Taneycomo A

Being dispatched to a snake bite has the potential to strike fear into a responder. Is the snake dead or do we have to deal with it? Do we really need to bring it with us for positive identification? We will review the types of venomous snakes in the US as well as the three venomous snakes in Missouri. We will look at the destructive effects of pit viper venom as well as Pre-hospital Do’s and Don’ts when taking care of a snake bite victim as well as look at the latest in anti-venom options and dosing.