Tuesday, August 1st

0800 - 0915 - General Session (Grand Ballroom C)


1.5 Hours Operations

Do you remember the passion that you began your career with? Most of us entered the Medical Field with our eyes gleaming and expecting Johnny and Roy to meet us in class and then to mentor us along our career path. We were sure we would save the world, never letting a patient die or take a turn for the worse. Each time we would care for a patient in our career we felt like we were wearing a cape. It didn’t take long before reality set in and we saw that EMS, Nursing, and medicine in general is not what is portrayed on TV. It is far from glamorous and not built to make you a hero. In spite of this you have stuck with it making the provision of medicine your career. Each patient we care for takes a toll on our psyche and affects the way we work, teach and mentor our future and current Medical Professionals.

We are building the future of our profession through our actions and attitudes. We have an immense impact on the affective domain of our students, co-workers and employees. Isn’t it time we once again shared our passion and love for providing care to others with them? We all recognize that being a Medical Professional is dangerous, stressful and at times trying; even in the best of times. Your original passion for the Medical Field isn’t gone, it’s just hidden. Isn’t it time to get it back and become rejuvenated? Through PASSION and ENERGY Capt. Kirk will help you realize your potential and why you got into this profession in the beginning. Join Capt. Kirk for an entertaining and interactive session to improve your classrooms, workplaces and life. Objectives - At the conclusion of this session the student will be able to:

0930 - 1045 - BREAKOUTS

How Little is too Little
Gina Pellerito & Joseph Finney, MD

1.5 hours Medical

A case study over an en caul birth with a 23 week gestation baby. Discussion includes this case study, what to do when the equipment is all too big, an overview of NRP, after birth care for mom, etc.

License Management System/Elite Usage & Update
George Miller

1.5 Hours Instructor

BEMS License Management System

BEMS MARS Changed to “Elite” Data Collection

Upcoming Statute & Regulation Changes

Kat Probst

1.5 Hours CE-MIH

A rapid fire discussion on how MIH can fit into the SUD/OUD/ BHR world. Emphasis on alternate destinations, field medical clearance and CIT for MIH and EMS.

Trauma, Special Populations & Hot Topics
Gillian Earnst

1.5 Hours CE

Briefly discuss knowledge, bias, and mentorship and what that means for prehospital providers and trauma care. Review some of the hot topics in trauma care. Have a quick trauma refresher on the stages of shock and then dive right into a couple of case studies on special populations, i.e., the young and the old. Discuss assessment and treatment of the pediatric trauma patient and the geriatric trauma patient, and why we must recognize their differences in their trauma response compared to that of the standard adult patient.

1100 - 1215 - BREAKOUTS

Chasing Death - A Personal Look at Death
Kirk Mittelman

1.5 Hours Medical

We all have said it, done it or at least felt it. We rarely face it ourselves, yet we wish it upon others so we can treat it. Admit it; EMS and Public Safety workers chase death. We want the calls where we help others avoid death, we train to stop death or at least slow it down, but we rarely look at our feelings and how we will one day need to deal with the death of a family member, coworker or friend.

In this session Kirk will take you down the path you don’t want to speak about; Death, Suicide, and how it affects EMS personnel when it happens to them. Kirk will discuss what makes us so callus and at times insulated from our feelings while on calls and what skills we need to deal with death when it happens in our lives. When death strikes at home are you prepared see it? When a family member dies are you prepared to deal with the feelings? Join Kirk for his unique look at death and dying on a personal level.


Don’t Make the Same Mistake as Me
Gina Pellerito

1.5 Hours

Failing as a leader has consequences. This class will retell the story of a young EMS leader who failed her employee, learned about it years later, and the road to ensure it would never happen again. (Both the leader and the employee will be there telling their sides of the story and the consequences associated with the outcome.)

Data/Patient Outcomes & Quality Improvement
Kyle Meadows, Justin Duncan & Tori Theiss

1.5 Hours CEU-MIH

From an urban perspective and a rural perspective join us for a conversation on MIH Data, Patient Outcomes and Cost Savings. We will also delve into the importance of a robust Continuous Quality Improvement program for MIH teams.

Making an Impact - Zoll Ventilator Management for the Prehospital Provider Part 1
Ashlee Hollis

1.5 Hours

A course covering common respiratory pathophysiology and ventilator strategies for those patients. Discuss vent strategies with a keep it simple approach utilizing the Zoll Impact Ventilator. Discuss minute volume calculations and the importance of ideal body weight. Briefly discuss the vital role of capnography and some considerations when making changes to your settings. And lastly, chat about the importance of proper sedation and review “the simple things”.

1315 - 1430 - BREAKOUTS

Emergency Department Handoff: A Daily and Sometimes Deadly Transition
Joseph Finney, MD

1.5 Hours

Interactive lecture focused on the critical factors of the EMS to emergency department Handoff. Beginning with an overview of why handoff matters, and the common pitfalls encountered, we will guide the audience through all the ways to ensure your agency and emergency department have fast, concise, and complete handoffs every time for every patient. As an example, we will review the DMIST model currently supported and used by Saint Louis Children’s Hospital.

Ideals in Leadership: Is it Time to Stay or Go?
Kirk Mittelman

1.5 Hours Instructor

It is 5 o’clock on a Friday afternoon, you are in your office with a project on your desk that is due on Monday at 0800. You haven’t seen your family for the past several days and they are expecting you home for a birthday party at 6 pm tonight. And all you see is another working weekend in front of you. Is this really what you signed up for, when the mayor swore you in as Chief?

As Medical providers, administrators, and educators we really need to know when to forge forward, when to delegate and when to stop. Is leadership really doing all the work and not trusting others? Our students look to us as leaders, our patients look to us for answers and leadership, our peers, co-workers, and staff look at us as leaders in every way. What does it take to know when to lead, when to stay and when to go?

Not everyone was meant to be a leader, however some of us are, despite what we may feel and do. In many cases leaders are chosen; some for the good, some reluctantly, some unwisely and some through default. Are you one of those who is not sure how you got where you are? Those leaders we look up to and those we want to be like are made from similar fabric. In this session, we will discuss what makes great leaders, how to work on your inner leader and know when to step out of the way. Join Capt. Kirk for an entertaining and interactive session on leadership and how to improve your leadership abilities.

At the conclusion of this session the student will be able to:

Wound Care
Payton Furry & Tony Mingo

1.5 Hours CE-MIH

Take a dive into the world of wound care which is quickly becoming a frequent MIH referral. Join us for lessons learned from a nursing and EMS perspective. Merging of a few worlds for the sake of our patients just makes sense.

Zoll Ventilator Part II
Ashlee Hollis & Gillian Earnest

1.5 Hours

1515 - 1630 - Closing General Session

Be the Best Version of Yourself -- Shannon Watson

1.5 Hours

“Change your thoughts, and you change your world.” – Norman Vincent Peale. Mindset is within your control every moment of everyday. Your health and wellbeing may be affected based on your outlook on life, attitude toward yourself, and how you show up. EMS is a stressful field, and optimism can help with stress management. Join me in this session to understand your mindset, enhance your ability to recognize opportunities, and become motivated.